IIT Guwahati is the Organizing Institute for JAM 2023
IIT Guwahati is the Organizing Institute for JAM 2023

Photograph Requirements

  • Upload only a good quality (not blurred) recent photograph, preferably taken in 2022. JAM 2023 Admit Card and Scorecard will be printed with the photograph that you submit during application.

  • The photograph must be recent and must be in COLOUR. Background of the photograph must be white or in a very light colour.

  • A passport size (3.5 cm Width × 4.5 cm Height) JPEG/JPG format photograph of the face of the candidate is required for the application form.

  • Maximum size of the JPEG/JPG image can be 480 × 640 in pixels. The minimum pixel size of the JPEG/JPG image should be 240 × 320. The file size of the image should be in the range of 20 KB to 200 KB.

  • The face should occupy at least 50% of the area of the photograph with a full-face view looking into the camera directly.

  • Forehead, eyes, nose, ears and chin should be clearly visible. These must not be covered by hair, any cloth/facemask or any shadow.

  • If you normally wear spectacles, a photograph with glare on glasses is not acceptable. Remove the spectacles if glare cannot be avoided.

  • Do not wear spectacles with dark or tinted glasses; only clear glasses are permitted.

  • Poor quality photograph will lead to rejection of application, without any refund of the application fee.

Some samples of acceptable good-quality photographs and unacceptable poor-quality photographs are shown below:
A. Samples of Acceptable Photographs

B. Sample of Unacceptable Photographs
Not looking into camera Improper background Wearing colour glasses
Smaller in size
(Standard size is 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm)
Face not covering 50% area Cropped from other Photo
Shadow on the face Face covered with mask Facial features are not fully visible
Glare on spectacles Wearing hat or cap Blurred image